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Welcome to Chiron Pilates

Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength, and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It’s excellent to practice whether you are injured or recovering from illness, want to improve your sports performance, for general health and stability, or get back to gentle exercise following the birth of a baby.


Chiron Pilates offers online mat classes and in-studio sessions for private, duet and small group classes.


*All classes are run during school terms.


Studio Covid Safe Practices

In line with Covid Safe protocols set down by the Victorian Government, Chiron Pilates asks that you practice the following when using the studio:

- Sanitise hands, with sanitiser provided, when entering the studio.  

- Equipment is wiped down with anti-bacterial spray after each session.

- While it's not mandatory, if you would like to wear a mask, please do.

- Please do not attend class if you are sick.

information for new clients

Everyone new to studio Pilates takes an initial private one-hour session with me, so we can discuss your medical history, do a postural assessment and talk about your needs and wants.  We will then choose whether you should continue with private sessions or whether small studio classes would be suitable for you.

12 HR cancellation policy

12-hour notice required for class cancellations.

This is important so we can consolidate the timetable when people are away. You may attend a make-up class if there is space in another class. Cancellations with in 12 hours will be charged at full price regardless of the reason you can not attend.

why chiron?


Chiron is a minor planet and known in astrology as “the wounded healer”.  Chiron affects all aspect of wellness; our physical health, mental health, emotions and spirituality. 

Through Pilates, I can use my own experience of discomfort and pain to help others heal.

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